Nexxio shipping systems are better than easy, they are brilliantly simple.  Shippers like our systems because they can be trained, and be up an operational in less than an hour.  IT finds our systems are easy to integrate with because the framework allows for a variety of methods including data exchanges, web services, and other message-based communications.  No matter how simple or complex your processes are, Nexxship is built for the way today’s businesses need to ship; straight forward, fast, accurate and integrated.   Find out more.


Nexxio’s packing systems are designed to help you eliminate both picking and packing errors and sure you customers receive the items they ordered, at the time and place they need them.  Like our shipping system, they are simple to use.  A packer simply scans the items being packed into a container, and our systems can validate both the items and quantities belonging to an order, as well capture serial and lot numbers.  Nexxpack allows you to capture and document the contents of each and every box shipped.  Further, if you’re looking to integrate processes, Nexxpack and Nexxship can be combined to offer you both power and simplicity. Find out more.


Nexxio’s address validation solutions help ensure that your customer’s order is not delayed or returned because of bad or incomplete address.  NexxAddress also helps you accurately account for proper shipping changes by identifying where a shipment is destined for either a commercial or residential address.  NexxAddress supports address validation for more than 240 countries and territories. Find out more.

Your single source for shipping software
As a leading software developer and distributor of multi-carrier, multi-modal shipping systems, Nexxio simplifies enterprise shipment management and deliveries.

We offer an extensive range of high quality shipping resources and products. Aimed at minimizing shipping cost and errors and improving deliveries, they make sure that your shipping requirements are met on time, every time.

Browse through our current catalogue to choose a shipping software that suits your business needs. Rest assured, all shipping systems available at Nexxio are economical and easy to use.