Catch picking and packing errors before they impact your customers

NexxPack is designed to integrate with other critical enterprise applications (such as ERP, WMS, etc.) to automate the packing process, and ensure that customer orders are picked, packed, and shipped correctly.  It does this by verifying the items and their quantities to be packed against a Picking Document or some other data source, and validates anexxpackofficepacknd maintains the information of target cartons in which they are to be packed.  NexxPack helps eliminate the common problems of (1) accidentally packing items meant for one customer, into a carton meant for another; (2) shipping an order incomplete when inventory is available; and (3) just shipping the wrong items, period.  In a competitive, sometimes unforgiving marketing place, order fulfillment errors that flow through to customers as “short shipments”, “over shipments, and “wrong shipments”, are simply not tolerated.

Most distribution systems handle some pack verification requirements. They do this by printing a packing list, carton labels, and record those items which were packed.  While this is helpful, without validating items, quantities, and business rules against order information, packing is just a data collection process that does not always catch picking and packing errors before a customer’s order leaves the warehouse.

NexxPack delivers this at critical validation process and ensures that the right item gets to the right customer, at the time and place they need them.