Because How You Ship Matters!

In today’s competitive global marketplace, effectively managing the complexities of multi-carrier shipping can be the difference between profit and loss. Limiting your logistics to a few select carriers, rather than augmenting it by utilizing all carriers services, restricts your ability to drive out operational costs, save precious transportation dollars, and improve the level of service to your customers.Nexxship

Nexxship™ is a no excuses, get it shipping system.  It is a global, multi-carrier, small parcel and LTL transportation solution that is built for the way businesses need to ship. Whether your shipping operation is facilitated from a single warehouse location or is distributed around the globe, Nexxship’s component-based design facilitates implementing the right solution (regardless of the number of locations, number of users, unique business rules, processing functionality, or the manner in which it needs to be integrated with other critical business systems).

NexxShip automates the processing of outbound shipments for the following certified or approved carriers:

NexxShip Carrier Images

Shipping software designed for modern businesses

NexxShip has been designed to support the transportation needs of today’s businesses. It is swift, accurate and economical. That’s why many businesses rely on it for their shipping operations.

The multi carrier shipping software is easy to install and operate. It streamlines accurate and complete order shipping process for both domestic and global operations. Moreover, the multi-carrier, small parcel and LTL shipping helps keep costs and errors to a minimum.

Don’t wait. Get in now to ensure your shipments reach your customers on time.