NexxaddressAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

The on-time delivery of your customer’s order begins with a properly formatted and deliverable shipping address. While seemly obvious, most businesses do not have logistics data quality or address validation procedures in place to ensure that at some point during the order creation or order fulfillment process, a customer’s address is standardized, validated, and formatted properly. As a result, rather than preventing bad data from impacting their customers, these same businesses spend unnecessary and costly resources fixing it.  In a competitive and sometimes unforgiving marketplace, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Today’s enterprises receive customer address data from a number of disparate sources. For most businesses, the address creation process occurs when a new account or shipping location is entered into its enterprise business system (ERP, CRM, or financial application) as part of a sales order. They receive orders any number of ways. Some are faxed. Others are called in. Still others are entered by the customer’s themselves via the company’s web site. Each has its own particular challenges. The objective, however, must be constant: good quality data. Simple address mistakes can result in hard consequences. And what seems like innocent addressing errors can add up to big money.  What is the enterprise cost on non-quality logistics data? Bad business performance and an unhappy customer experience. Sound address validation procedures that eliminate bad or incomplete addresses can have the following impact on your business:rue du rendez-vous

  • Improved on-time delivery of customer shipments
  • Reduced late package deliveries that result from a bad or incomplete shipping address
  • Reduced frequency of returns
  • Reduced address correction charges from your carriers
  • Unrecoverable billing & invoice adjustments


For accurate, complete contact information
Don’t compromise your customer shipment order due to inaccurate addresses. At Nexxio, we offer automated address verification software, NexxAddress.

NexxAddress supports address validation for more than 240 countries and territories. By using NexxAddress, manufacturers and wholesale distribution can verify address, state and city with the push of a button. In addition, the address validation process identifies and rectifies inaccurate addresses.