Support When You Need It!

Nexxio was built around a single truth: our software is only as good as our ability to provide exceptional support. Our technical support group has the single focus of helping our customers maximize the investment they’ve made in our shipping solutions.  To that end, we offer a specialized support package that is configured to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our support package includes:

  • A web portal that allows you to submit service requests and have visibility on what their status is through to completionSupport When You Need It
  • Guaranteed response times based on the severity of the issue
  • Fixing malfunctions in any Nexxio-provided software
  • Correct malfunctions of any custom programming
  • Help assist with system administration, database, and network problems
  • Resolve connectivity and communication problems
  • Respond to carrier compliance questions and issues
  • Train new users
  • Pre-scheduled off-hours support

Contact Support

Nexxio stands ready to assist you with all your support needs.  You can contact us as follows:

Visit the on the web at


Email Nexxio for Support at