How About “Painless” ERP Integration for a Change?

At Nexxio, we understand that you’ve made a considerable investment in your chosen ERP. To that end, our shipping solutions have been built to “painlessly integrate” with industry standard ERPs, legacy, and “home grown” business systems, thus allowing you to leverage your current IT landscape.

Our implementation professionals have extensive integration experience with:

  • SAPintergrationgraphic
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics
    (NAV, GP, and AX, D365)
  • Sage
  • Infor
  • Epicor
  • And many more

Nexxio’s middleware-based integration provide multiple methods for data integration with your host business system including:

  • Data-level integration
  • User interface-level integration
  • Application-level integration
  • Method-level integration

You know your ERP IT landscape, so our very successful approach is to give you the flexibility to determine the type of integration your company has either standardized on, has experience with, or prefers.  Some of the most popular industry standard methods include APIs, Message-based, Web Services-XML, or open database connectivity.

Let us share with you how we’ve helped companies integrate shipping into their key business systems for more than a decade.

Simple, seamless shipping integration into workflow
No matter what ERP system your business uses, we have got you covered. Our innovative shipping software can integrate easily into your existing ERP IT landscape.

Whether you use SAP or Oracle, we offer advanced, effective solutions designed exclusively for your workflow. After all, we strive to deliver high quality service. Our ERP shipping software is just what your business needs to ensure quick and reliable shipment.