• Standard Box Size? You Might Be Spending Too Much On Your Packaging

    Are you calculating your packaging cost, trying to figure out how two similar boxes vary so much in costs?

    Different products require different size, lines, material and volume of packaging. Variation in packaging exists, firstly because of your product’s demands for material or size. Secondly, expansion in product range requires new packaging. Lastly, you have procured different price-range packaging options for your company.

    Factors That Influence Packaging Cost

    It’s essential to be aware of factors that influence your packaging cost. You can make better decisions and enhance operational efficiencies with economical packaging options.

    Packaging is one of the factors that drives your cost; your business can sustain this price increase by making adjustment to its bottom line or transferring the cost to customers. Hence, in order to make better pricing strategies and minimize cost learn which factors impact your packaging.

    • Fragile nature of the product requires extra protection and support, making packaging expensive
    • The volume of your order (boxes and packaging material) will affect  the cost
    • Complexity of your packaging procedure, for example if a certain packaging has to be assembled before layering the outer box, can subject you with a higher price point
    • To improve packaging secondary protection is used in form of foams and fillers, these items also add up to your packaging cost.
    • Promotional material printed on boxes and packaging material can also augment your cost

    Now you have learned the factors that might be influencing your packaging cost, let’s learn about the signs that show that you are spending a little too much on packaging.

    Signs You’re Spending More On Your Packaging

    Using a standard-sized box

    Using a standard-sized box

    Standard-sized boxes are usually bigger than your product, which means you are paying extra money for the empty space forgone in your box.

    In addition to extra space, these boxes require use of packaging accessories like peanuts or foam to fill-in the space. This further increases your cost. Therefore, opt for custom sized boxes to avail right cost and provide right protection to your products.

    Using the same carrier

    Some carriers charge extra on delivery of small packages that are less than a truckload. You need to negotiate rates with multiple carriers to reduce shipping costs for different sizes of packages.

    Absence of scale

    If you are not labeling your packages with dimensions, weight and other package details, chances are, you are overestimating the shipping cost.

    Make sure all your products are properly labeled with weight and serial numbers so you can complement your package with the most economic carrier.

    You can pack, label, and ship your product using our Shipping System Software. Nexxio’s multi-carrier system eliminates packing errors by allotting the serial number to the order placed. It packs and label package detail on each and every box shipped and you can also track the package until it reaches the consumer.

    Take a look at our catalog and call 214-526-0014 to book a shipping solution that caters to your business needs.

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