• Shipping Mistakes All Businesses Need To Avoid

    Some mistakes can directly affect your bottom line and even lead to losses and operational inefficiencies. Shipping mistakes hamper your product availability, increase costs, and lead to loss of customers.

    Therefore, it’s essential your company adopts new methods and process efficiencies to limit chances of error in shipping.

    We identify some common shipping mistakes you need to avoid.

    Common Shipping Mistakes

    Absence of a cost measuring mechanism

    Cost of shipping depends on the weight, size, nature of product, and type of delivery. Companies that don’t have a proper system in place to measure the cost of different packages, end up relying on guess work or using old shipping rates. This increase chances of cost overestimation, impacting your product price.

    Opt for shipping system software that labels your package with the right dimensions, weight and product description.

    Shipping With Wrong International Rates

    Businesses function on a global level, which means international orders need to be met without delay and same proficiency as national shipping. But there is a lot of paper work and tariffs that needs to be accounted for before sending product on sail.

    An in-depth research needs to be carried out; different countries have tariff and import documentation that needs to be filled in. Moreover, you need to also make affordable carrier arrangements if your business is a frequent global trader.

    Wrong Selection Of Packaging

    Using a standard-sized box for every delivery that you make can be a costly affair. The extra space left in the box can jostle your product and cause damage, which will result in a return of product.

    Opt for custom packaging to utilize space in the most optimal and cost-effective manner.

    Mismanagement of Returns

    A poorly written product return policy can cost you customers. Customers want to see companies accountable for the safe delivery of their products. Manufacturing fault or damage in transit generally calls for a replacement. Make sure your return policy is written with a customer centric approach.

    Taking Away Customer Choice Of Delivery

    Customer Choice Of Delivery

    Businesses that facilitate customer’s need are able to retain customer and generate new leads. Business that don’t provide different delivery features such as, overnight delivery, mode of payment, carrier choice, pick from store option, and many more, may experience a loss of customers.

    Flexible businesses can adapt to changing customer demand and increase profit.

    Improper Use Of Analytical Date

    Businesses need to develop a trend and manufacturing cycle for their products in order to timely meet customer demands.

    Warehouses need to be stocked with right amount of inventory and the shipping schedule communicated throughout the supply chain to ensure process efficiency.

    Moreover, with analytical data, you can determine costly packaging and bottleneck in different processes. Data can be used to develop and implement process-optimizing strategies.

    Failure To Automate

    Automation can reduce human error and save time and money. Businesses feel that automation will be a costly affair and the change will take a lot of time, but that is hardly the case.

    Integrating shipping system software is quick and seamless. With Nexxio’s multi-carrier shipping software, you can streamline shipping, packing, and delivery of products. You can avail multiple carrier rates for both, local and global shipping, and even track your product to the end consumer.

    Take a look at our catalog and call 214-526-0014 to book a shipping solution that caters to your business needs.

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