• Prevent High Shipping Expense and Risk By Choosing a Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

    Efficient shipping schedule requires the use of a data trajectory, active participants in supply chain, and timely delivery.

    Shipping is an essential, yet costly part of a business, which is why business needs to divide the shipping cost among various carriers.

    Monitoring and negotiating price points and services of different carriers can be a time-consuming task, but with use of multi-carrier shipping software you can avail comparable price rates from multiple carriers with few simple clicks.

    Here are some benefits that will convince you in discontinuing your single carrier approach to shipping. Let’s begin with the most basic one, comparable rates.

    Comparable Carriers’ Services and Rates

    Comparable Carriers’ Services and Rates

    Process optimization requires flexibility in shipping services; some carriers might be providing excellent international shipping rates, while others might be offering lower costs on overnight delivery.

    A mix of carrier services will enable you to achieve the best price range for your company.

    Multi-carrier shipping software will offer comparable rates for different services, saving research and negotiation time.  With automation, you can access best routes and services for shipping on a global scale.

    Mitigate Rick In Shipping

    Relying on a single carrier can subject your shipment to delay, losses in transit, and even high shipping rates. But with multi-carrier, you can match each shipment to a best carrier option for specific routes, item type, country, region, or even shipment type.

    Restore Negotiation Power

    Companies sign exclusive contracts with carrier companies to ensure best shipping solution for their business, limiting themselves from acquiring better rates and services of other carriers.

    Relying on one carrier keeps you from optimizing your shipping services, as you fail to experiment with other carrier options available in the market.

    Your company can negotiate better rates and services partnering with various carriers, increasing company’s profit margin.

    Flexibility and Scalability

    Long-term customer relationships are made by facilitating customer request. Customers like to opt-in for the carrier of their choice or use a specific delivery service. All these requests can’t be entertained if you are in contract with a single carrier.

    When carriers assign special status to a company, they take charge of all inbound and outbound shipping and charge an extra premium if the company uses another carrier for any delivery.

    You can provide your customer a wide variety of carriers with help of multi-carrier shipping system. Moreover, you can also enhance the customer journey with tracking and different mode of payment facilities.

    Ease In Return

    Returns are very common, especially in e-commerce setting. A business that is unable to facilitate product returns can end up losing customers.

    Not all carriers can handle forward and reverse logistics, and return of parcels can prove pricy for the company. With help of shipping software, you can avail better rates, routes, and timely returns of products.

    Simplify and streamline your shipping system with help of Nexxio’s multi-carrier shipping solutions. Our software provides multiple features such as, packaging, labeling, inbound outbound shipping, and parcel tracking services.

    Take a look at our catalog and call 214-526-0014 to book a shipping solution that caters to your business needs.

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