• 2018 Ecommerce Trends To Look Out For

    Technological advancement and improvement in process efficiencies has revamped the face of traditional logistics.

    Automated robots are evaluating addresses and labeling packages, ensuring the right serial numbers are allotted, reducing chances of error and process delay.

    Whether it’s an update in your shipping system software or use of robots in your supply chain process, technology is here to optimize business efficiencies and reduce operational cost.

    E-commerce is one of the businesses that can profit the most from technological advancement. E-commerce platform is constantly updating itself to deliver an enhanced user experience (UX). Here are few of the trends that you need to look out for in 2018.

    Voice Assistance

    People have been working to incorporate voice assistance to e-commerce platform in order to improve user experience in online shopping.

    To humanize the e-commerce experience, Chatbots are set to be introduced in 2018. They is an artificial conversational entity, which interacts with the user via text and audio. Chatbot is ranked on the top of e-commerce priority list by E-commerce Performance Report.

    Use of voice-assistance will open new forums for marketers; a new approach to SEO would emerge. Keywords that are used in common conversation will need to be added into promotional content in order to improve ranking.

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is gaining acceptance at a fast rate; big brands like Apple are heavily investing in this technology to enhance customer experience.

    In the next few years, users will be able try out clothes virtually before making a purchase.

    Users can get a feel and look of products in their home setting with help of augmented reality; this will increase UX and make them loyal to companies that offer such benefits.


    Firstly, marketers will use analytics to develop more targeted and consumer specific content. Consumers are set to see more personalized ads and a richer customer journey in 2018.

    Use of pop-ups will see a rise in 2018, due to its efficacy and popularity in the e-commerce industry. They are a great pre-selling tactic, as it uses consumer search history on your website and suggests relevant deals and products consumers may be interested in.

    Animation On The Rise

    Game makers are applying video game technology to enhance shopper experience. In video games, animation is used to guide the player when they are doing well and suggest ideas for improvement through graphic aid. Same can be applied to the online shopping experience. With animation you can relay emotions when a customer fills his cart, or show distress when a specific product is out of stock. This improves the interaction level on your website, improving UX.

    Move To Original And Advanced Photography

    A good brand is one that generates organic content to attract customers. Avoid the use of stock images; instead try switching to original and authentic photography.

    Most of the brands are onboard with organic content, but you can further improve your marketing with 360 degree images.

    Allowing consumer to get a complete view of the product from every angle optimizes customer experience and helps them make better purchase decision.

    You can test different combination of video and image marketing on your e-commerce platform, to see what works best for your business.

    Social Marketing

    You can market your product to the consumer in a subtle and non-invasive manner.

    Visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest will incorporate advertisement to their landscape without disrupting user’s newsfeed.

    Users will click on a particular image (e.g. a woman wearing a leather jacket) and a pop-up or a modal window will appear on the screen showing them the price and brand name of the jacket.

    The user can make a purchase without exiting the application.

    Automation Of Processes

    Using software solutions to streamline process is a great way for e-commerce industry to improve their ROI.

    Automating packaging and delivery with help of multi-carrier shipping software will reduce error and process delay and enhance customer experience.

    Well-versed in future shipping trends and industry standards – we at Nexxio – provide you with comprehensive, integrated shipping software. From address verification to packaging, the software provides quite a few enhanced shipping features.

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