• 6 Ideas for ‘Greening’ Your Shipping

    Whether you transport goods through air, land or sea, it is very likely that you become a source of pollution to the environment.

    According to an article in New York Times, packaging alone accounts for 30 percent of all the waste in the United States.

    As a responsible shipping company, you surely want to minimize the negative impacts on the environment. Taking a ‘green’ approach to shipping is the way to go.

    Here are some sustainable ways to ‘going green’ with your shipping:

    Use Recycled Materials for Packaging

    Using recycled packaging materials can significantly reduce the amounts of waste you generate. These alternative products include recycled cardboard and paper.

    Plastics made from organic materials can also add to your eco-friendly efforts.  

    Find a Green Shipping Partner

    Some shipping companies, like DHL, USPS, FedEx, not only focus on sustainable packaging, but are also intent on low-emission.

    Make sure you partner with companies that have appropriate sustainable certifications. This will go a long way in establishing you as a green player.

    Schedule Delivery Pickups

    Another eco-friendly tactic would be to schedule pickups. Since delivery trucks might not be available at the time, it pays to plan in advance.

    Make sure that the posting service uses routes that have been designed to be fuel-efficient.

    Take Size into Account

    Keeping the size and volume of your packages small can be quite a sustainable approach. The smaller packages are lighter and do not take much space on the vehicle they are getting transported into. This helps reduce carbon footprint.

    On the other hand, keeping packages smaller can also be a profitable approach. It can minimize material costs and help use space more efficiently.

    Look to Offset Your Carbon Footprint

    No matter how green you get, there will still be some negative environmental impact you will be causing.

    Carbon offsetting is your way of neutralizing the impact you are making to the environment. For instance, for every package delivered, Hood River adds a few cents and the combined amount is spent to enhance renewable energy sources.

    Have a Comprehensive Returns’ Policy

    Return Policy

    In the online world, companies are selling more but more and more products are also returned.

    It is very important that you develop a good return plan, keeping environment into consideration.

    The fuel used in exchanging a defective item can be quite costly for the environment. You might need to make a few sacrifices to be sustainable. For instance, if the product is not valuable, consider skipping return shipping and just send the new product.

    We at Nexxio understand that shipping companies should go green. Using the latest software technology, we ensure that our customers’ imprint on the environment is minimized. Our address validation software ensures that products reach the right customers. This minimizes errors and saves environmental costs on returns. We also provide a web-based software that can make packaging more efficient.


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