• How Big Data Will Transform Shipping

    Not very long ago, Big Data and shipping would not be two concepts discussed together.

    However, the technological revolution has made Big Data a buzzword. With heaps of information available, it would be naïve not to use it to your advantage.

    Big Data has turned into a science. Using latest analytics software, it gives crucial insights that can guide meaningful decisions.

    As time goes on, more and more Big Data tools will be introduced.

    Here are some ways in which Big Data will be revolutionizing shipping:

    Smart Predictive Repairs

    The wear and tear that cargo ships go through is massive and takes a toll on them. Just like any other machinery, they require consistent maintenance.

    This is where Big Data might come in handy. Through predictive analysis and sensor technology, it will be able to identify beforehand which parts of the ship require maintenance.

    With corrective measures taken beforehand, it will surely help reduce downtime and minimize shipping delays.


    Driverless cars have become a reality. However, sailing into the sea is different as a vast amount of factors will need to be taken into consideration.

    Big Data can be used to make self-piloting ships possible. Analyzing factors, such as future weather conditions, distance from other ships and so on, these ships will be able to sail through without a sailor.

    Centralized, Integrated Platforms

    Having all the knowledge on a centralized, integrated platform has become quite important. It leads to enhanced efficiency.

    With Big Data, it will become possible to collect information about different locations on the sea. This means that when the ship reaches an uncertain location on the sea, the sensors will be able to tell the pilot what action to take.

    Accurate Cargo Tracking

    Accurate Cargo Tracking

    Loss of shipping containers has become a key concern for shipping companies across the globe. Big Data can help, as it will be able to track the location of these ships through advanced tracking mechanisms.

    This can provide peace of mind to the shipping companies. They will be able to (almost) accurately give delivery estimates to their clients.

    Enhanced Designs

    Big Data will also be able to improve the design of cargo ships. Through sensors, it can find out risk areas, like where there is more pressure exerted or why there is a tilt at a particular location.

    With such crucial insights, shipping companies will be able to have more resilient ships designed.

    We at Nexxio understand how technology will continue to transform the shipping landscape. We offer shipping companies an automated shipping software. With ERP integration and multi-carrier shipping capabilities, it will be able to enhance your shipping operation. Take a look at the industries we have served.

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