• Simple Ways to Minimize Order Fulfillment Errors

    We all know that fulfilling customer orders leads to satisfied customers. But, mistakes happen.  


    Whether you have shipped the wrong product size or color, fulfillment errors result in returns and refunds. Frequent errors should be avoided at all cost. Regardless of size of your firm, you can’t afford too many fulfillment errors. It can cause a heavy blow to your revenue and reputation as well.

    Here are some strategies to reduce these costly errors:

    Quality control inspection

    Before dispatching items, carry out quality control inspection. Appoint someone to do it on your behalf. They can perform random inspection of packages to ensure the right product is sent to the right customer.

    Update website

    Sometimes, customers order items that are not in stock. This happens due to the fact that business owners don’t update their websites frequently.

    Remember, your website is the face of your business. It must be relevant and up-to-date all year long. If an item is unavailable, change its status on your site.

    Use address validation tools

    When a customer orders something online, they enter their own address into the website. They can make mistakes. Address errors create several problems, especially in international shipments, for both customers and businesses.

    That is why it makes sense to use address validation software. The software allows businesses to collect and verify customer addresses. As a result, the right products are sent to the right customer location.

    Not only does address validation system ensure timely shipments, it’s an easy way to keep up-to-date customer addresses. You won’t have to pay for shipment again in case of invalid or incorrect deliveries. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

    Invest in multi-carrier shipping software

    Handling shipping orders manually is a tough job. If you’re managing customers’ orders manually, there will always be room for fulfillment error. It also takes more time and creates delays.

    In today’s competitive business environment, no firm can afford to these errors.  Using a multi-carrier software can significantly reduce fulfillment order errors. A multi-carrier system automates shipping process, thereby saving you time and money.

    With capabilities such as route optimization and conducting post-shipment, it can lead to increased efficiency, performance and productivity of your business. Above all, the software supports both domestic and international shipping.

    Don’t wait. Get this amazing technology today! At Nexxio, we provide multi-carrier shipping systems to diverse industrial clients, such as manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, government, e-commerce, consumer products, pharma, medical, automotive, communications, printing and publishing, life sciences, financial services, aerospace, fulfillment / 3PL and many more.

    Our products can also be integrated with standard ERPs, including Oracle, SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

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