• A Guide To Evaluating ERP Software

    ERP Software

    Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is a crucial investment for any company. Employed by companies of all types and sizes, the software streamlines and simplifies enterprise workflow. It allows companies to employ integrated applications to manage different processes, including inventory management, human resources, accounting, and more.

    Needless to say, ERP software is extremely valuable to the shipping industry. From tracking shipments to keeping records of deliveries, the software offers a number of benefits to shipping companies.

    However, choosing ERP software that suits a shipping company’s specific goals, needs and budget can be challenging. Not all ERP solutions are equal.

    The right software can improve business productivity, efficiency and customer service. It’s imperative to evaluate software features and functions before buying it. Here are some factors to consider when selecting ERP software for your shipping company:


    Modern ERP solutions allow seamless integration with external systems. Shipping companies use ERP to create shipping labels for vendors, synchronize orders from e-commerce channels, provide shipment information to warehouse or 3PL, communicate tax information to government authorities and transmit payroll / attendance data to relevant sources.


    Are you struggling to stay on top of your accounting tasks? ERP software can help shipping companies handle a wide range of accounting functions, including management of accounts receivable and accounts payable; financial reporting; calculation of general ledger, payroll, revenues from sales orders, credit card transactions and management of inventory movement.


    With data integration, ERP software can create an authentic and transparent environment. It allows open communication among different shipping departments that can help minimize miscommunication and shipment errors.  Above all, it helps companies make quick and smart business decisions.

    Record keeping

    Last but not least, shipping companies employ ERP to keep accurate records of their customers and shipments. This helps inform customers about their shipment status. Using ERP can help you maintain good customer relationships.

    Along with these features, check for software ease of use. Your IT team shouldn’t face any issues using it. Equally important is to choose a reputable ERP vendor.

    At Nexxio, we understand the significance of ERP to your organization.

    That is why we offer user-friendly shipping software that can integrate with your ERP system.

    Our multi carrier shipping solutions have been designed to integrate with standard ERPs, including Oracle, AP, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics (NAV, GP, and AX), Infor, Sage, Epicor and more. Visit our site to learn more.



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