• Benefits of using the Global Shipping Program

    Global Shipping Program

    The Global Shipping Program (GSP) was created to simplify the execution of transactions around the world and providing businesses with access to new markets.

    It is a valiant attempt by eBay to enable traders to expand their focus and easily sell their products to global consumers.

    Businesses using the Global Shipping Program can simply send their products to a local destination and eBay then re-directs the item to the international location it was originally intended for.

    Benefits of using the Global Shipping Program

    The Global Shipping Program has many attractive benefits that are drawing an increasing number of businesses toward it.

    Here are few of the major benefits that the GSP has to offer for local manufacturers and online retail companies:


    1. Increase in revenue for companies

    Companies can use the program to identify lucrative markets for their products. Many businesses have used the program to dramatically increase their sales and revenue and make their presence felt in the international arena.

    1. Simplification of the delivery process

    Transport of goods to international destinations has been made easy. All the local companies have to do is to send their delivery items to the Global Shipping Center based in Kentucky. The Program then handles the delivery process from there and ensures the safe delivery of their products to the correct destinations.

    1. Timely package delivery

    The Global Shipping Program ensures that each and every package is delivered in a timely manner.

    1. Easy determination of shipping fees

    The Global Shipping Program helps simply the process of working out international shipping costs.

    1. Reduced delivery errors

    The Program helps streamline logistical services and reduces the chances of errors being made and prevents packages from ending up at incorrect destination addresses.

    1. Create economic activity at home

    The Program helps increase the client base of local companies and gives them an opportunity to grow and create much needed jobs at home.

    1. Reduction of delivery costs

    One of the main reasons why the Global Shipping Program has gained a high level of popularity in such a short time is the fact that it has made international shipping a lot cheaper. Businesses based in the United States can easily ship their products to international clients in a cost-effective way that enables them to gain a decisive edge over foreign competitors.

    1. Real-time package tracking

    Companies using the program can easily track their packages using real-time data that shows the exact location of the packages.


    It is worth mentioning here that the Global Shipping Program does not handle returns. Sellers and consumers have to mutually agree to solve such matters.


    Nexxio has state-of-the-art global shipping software that can enhance the productivity of your business and make it more competitive.


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