• Shipping Considerations that E-Commerce Store Owners Should Take Into Account

    Online retailers, today, cannot afford to be complacent at any point in time.

    With increased competition in the ecommerce market, they must deliver goods to their customers timely and accurately to improve their brand image and retain customer loyalty.

    However, along with brand image and customer loyalty, it has become equally important for online retailers to save costs.

    Therefore, it has become a priority to search for the best ways to ship their products. That’s one way they can gain a competitive edge over their competitors through better service and reduced costs.

    ShippingDid You Know: Shipping is the leading carrier of world trade. Nearly 90% of it is transported by the international shipping industry. There are more than 50,000 merchant ships all across the world transporting different types of goods.

    Deploying a shipping platform that makes the execution of shipments easy and cost-effective is what all online retailers want.

    Here are few shipping considerations that all ecommerce store owners must take into account before they take any decision.

    1. Right packaging

    When you are transporting a package through shipment, the bill is based on the dimensional weight of the package.

    This varies from the actual weight since it is calculated taking into account the height, length and width of the package.

    So, if your package actually weighs 10 pounds, it can have a dimensional weight of 25 pounds, plus the additional weight of the packing materials and the box.

    Of course, having an optimum packaging for your product will help you save costs. However, make sure that it is hard enough to keep your product safe and in perfect condition till it reaches your customers.

    2. Customer needs

    Did You Know: 48% of online customers are looking for guaranteed delivery dates as they shop over the internet.

     It is important for online stores to know how quickly their customers want the product to be delivered to them and whether they are willing to pay a little more for quicker deliveries. This will make it easy for them to choose a shipment service accordingly.

    3. Competitor policies

    If your competitor offers next-day or same-day delivery services, than there is no point in choosing a shipment service that offers delivery in three or four days. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your competitor’s policies to be able to provide a superior service to your customers.

    Nexxio offers integrated shipping solutions to its customers enabling them to achieve operational excellence. Their online shipping software and implementation services help your business deliver superior value to your customers.



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