• How Technology Will Be Shaping the Future of Shipping

    Not very long ago, technology was unheard of in the shipping industry. It was all about trucks, ships and infrastructure.

    However, the rise of technology has changed all that. From the application of the latest GPS technology to the use of electronic vehicle logs, the logistics industry has been completely revolutionized with the advent of technology.

    Moving forward, experts predict that high tech automated shipping systems will have a greater role to play in the shipping industry. Here are some technologies that will be making an impact in future:

    The Internet of Things (IoT)

    The Internet of Things (IoT) allows devices to communicate with each other without any form of human interaction.

    Using enhanced sensors and network communication tools, companies can control devices and receive relevant alerts.

    For instance, during shipping, trucks could keep track of temperature and notify the affect of load to the operator sitting far away. This will help players in the industry make better decisions in the future.

    Drone Delivery

    droneAmazon’s announcement of unmanned droned delivery made huge waves in the world of e-commerce shipping.

    Although the idea sounds great (delivering packages through drones), it will take a few years to get up and running considering practical aspects. The technology is still in its infancy.

    Driverless Vehicles

    Many predict that driverless cars will be commercialized quite soon. In fact, big giants such as Google, have tested driverless cars with great success.

    In the logistics industry, the self-driving tech could prove to be game changing. The driver might stay in the truck and rest as the truck nudges along. This will enhance shipment efficiencies big time.

    For now, regulatory and insurance issues might prevent the tech from being applied immediately. However, it self-driving car is one technology to watch out for the future.

    Cloud Computing and Analytics Tools

    The incredible rise of cloud computing technology and analytics tools has the power to revolutionize the logistics industry.

    It is now a matter of time when these companies will be getting a better hold of data and making smart decisions based on it.


    roboticsCurrently, robotics is applied in quite a few warehouse operations. Whether it is picking or packing, the futuristic species has helped streamline processes.

    In the future, we will see more of robotics being applied to the logistics industry. We will move towards greater automation in the years to come.

    We at Nexxio understand the latest happenings in the shipping industry. Over the years, we have used technology to make shipping easier and simpler for our clients. From ERP integration to address validation, our web based shipping software solutions help businesses thrive in this competitive tech landscape.

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