• Top Shipping Strategies For A Successful Holiday Season

    With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time for retailers to plan and prepare their deliveries. Quick, reliable and hassle-free shipping, especially during the hectic holiday season, is imperative for business.  It helps develop long-term customer relationship in the long run.

    Here are some simple strategies to plan your shipping to ensure timely deliveries for the holiday season:

    Stock up in advance

    Prepare your stock ahead of the peak holiday season. This includes essential shipping supplies, including boxes, packing material, tape and more. It’s a good idea to have a few extra supplies in case sales surpass expectations.

    Train your shipping team

    Conduct a training session for your shipping team. Make sure they are aware of any special offers and marketing discounts that you plan to run during the holiday season.

    In addition, they should know how to deal with any special requests, such as gift wrapping to serve customers immediately.

    Check weather updates

    Check weather and carrier service updates. Any delays may affect designated shipment time.

    Choose a reliable carrier

    Select a trusted shipping carrier. Discuss your deadlines and budget with them. Try to consolidate your shipping orders with a single carrier to save money. Many carriers offer great discounts for large volumes.

    Line up support

    Customer support is the key to business success. Although customer support may not be required all the time, it’s crucial to get support when needed.

    Hence, develop a solid customer support plan to add value to your business. Support should come from certified engineers who are familiar with the shipping environment.

    Invest in advanced software

    Last but not least, invest in the right shipping system to save time and money. Although you will find countless multi carrier shipping software, your best bet is to buy a shipping system from a reputable software provider, such as Nexxio.

    Since 2002, Nexxio has been making waves in shipping software solutions. The company offers a wide range of shipping software and systems to various industries, including retail businesses.

    Nexxio’s products are automated, modern, functional and economical. The company’s powerful shipping software is suitable to meet your strategic goals.

    In addition, they are used to handle all aspects of shipping, such as address validation, international documentation, and much more.

    Nexxio’s shipping products have been designed to integrate with standard ERPs. Clients can choose from various systems, such as Nexxship, Nexxpack and Nexxaddress. Click here to learn more about them.

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