• Free Vs. Fast Shipping – Which Is More Important To Consumers?

    In the retail world, shipping matters. In fact, shipping can make or break any business. Today’s consumers expect fast shipping from retailers. And that’s not all. Many consumers prefer free shipping as well. Free shipping helps a business gain competitive edge. That being said, not every company can afford to provide free shipping. This is especially true for start ups and small firms.

    Free shipping comes with a cost, which businesses have to bear. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for growing businesses to provide free shipping to their customers. For them, it’s better to focus on fast and reliable delivery. Research also suggests that free shipping isn’t always enough. Online retail businesses go for speed.

    While there’s no denying that free shipping is a valuable marketing tool, you need to consider the following factors before embracing it:

    Think strategically

    If you want to offer free shipping to customers but don’t have ample finances to do so, think strategically. Don’t provide this facility during peak season, such as during holidays. Sales are expected to be high this time around. If you don’t have enough funds, don’t provide free shipping during the peak season.

    Standard delivery

    If you have a tight budget, you can provide free shipping on standard delivery. Also, choose the most economical carrier service to offer free shipping.

    High value products

    It’s a good idea to provide this facility on high value. Meanwhile, don’t offer free shipping on standard products.

    Promotional items

    Free shipping is an effective marketing tool. Use it wisely to generate customer satisfaction and repeat business. For example, you can give free shipping on certain products that are leftover stock.

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