• Ensure On-Time Delivery To Your Customers With NexxAddress

    Let’s face it. In today’s exceedingly competitive business environment, no company can afford to ship their customer orders to a wrong address. Not only will it make customers unhappy, companies will also have to deal with the returned packages. Some carriers charge extra on returned goods.

    The delivery of every customer order starts with an address. Without a proper address, it is nearly impossible to proceed with the shipment. This is where address validation comes into play.

    Address validation helps simplify and streamline delivery. The process allows businesses to collect valid customer address so that the right shipment is delivered at the right location.

    Most businesses receive customer address information from multiple sources. This usually happens at the time a customer places an item, which could be done online or in-person. Once an enterprise receives customer order, it adds a location into their business system.

    No matter how a firm receives customer order, it’s pivotal for businesses to record high quality data. In other words, the data recorded should be consistent and accurate. Any mistake made, even the minor ones, can cost businesses substantially.

    Why address validation matters

    Address validation is the key to eliminating bad / incomplete addresses. Having proper address validation procedures ensures timely customer shipments delivery. It also allows businesses to keep up-to-date customer addresses.

    Similarly, address validation minimizes the likelihood of paying additional charges on returned or late packages. Thus, reduced frequency of returns improves customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

    Most importantly, dealing with late or returned packages is a hassle for both companies and customers.

    With an address validation system, businesses no longer have to stress about incomplete customer address.

    NexxAddress: For all your address validation needs

    If you need access to a reliable address validation system, check out NexxAddress. Nexxio has been developed by leading software developer and distributor of multi-carrier shipping systems, Nexxio. The company offers a wide range of shipping software and systems to multiple clients.

    NexxAddress is a fully automated, advanced address verification software. It’s your single answer to complete and accurate customer contact data.

    The address verification software provides validation for over 240 countries. You can use it to verify customer location or address. Moreover, it identifies and corrects wrong addresses.

    NexxAddress caters to both residential and commercial addresses. Get in touch with Nexxio to find out more about NexxAddress.

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